Areteia continues to grow, with new projects for this academic year

The 2017/2018 academic year has just begun at Areteia, with a clear priority: make Areteia more Areteia. In pursuit of this core idea, we have been working over the summer on specific training for the teaching staff about the personalisation of education, inclusive schools, and the most frequent educational needs of pupils at the school.

Among the changes taking place this year, we would highlight the smaller group sizes in the final years of Primary Education and in the 2nd and 4th years of Secondary Education, with the aim of advancing personalisation in our classrooms. We have also boosted Areteia’s Vocational Training educational project, with steps towards Advanced Vocational Training. This responds to the requests of families at the school, who ask for continuity in a personalised educational environment which looks out for the pupils, as Areteia’s does.

After evaluating the last academic year, Luis Garcia believes that it was “a very beneficial year”. In keeping with the school’s ideology, “our pupils achieved very good results, helping them to grow academically and personally”, and the use of new technologies was consolidated “in a coherent, reasoned way and at a suitable rate”. For example, through the new model Bring your own Device in 1st ESO, which incentivised the introduction of this model in other year groups.

Last year, there were “three wonderful and emotional moments”. These were the second edition of the former pupils’ meetup, which brought together more than 200 ex-pupils; the 5th Educational Innovation Day – School Co-existence: mediation and compromise, key against bullying, in which highlights were the quality of the presentations and the contribution to our teachers’ training; and the second Annual Parents’ Meeting, which proved that this is becoming an established event in the school calendar.

The headmaster also highlights the successful Excellent Workshops, which will be further developed this year. These workshops are “unique to Areteia’s model of education”, and are hugely popular with the pupils, especially those workshops in the fields of sports, photography, video, and radio. Like the rest of the schools in the NACE Schools group, Areteia has actively and successfully participated in events organised by the group, and as Luis Garcia says “these are experienced had by just a few, though the rest of us feel it too”.

Without doubt, the most important of the school’s experiences during the last academic year was the Peru Stop Bullying C95 Adventure, in which eight pupils were chosen for their positive contribution to the dynamics of daily co-existence to participate in an expedition to Peru. The headmaster highlights the brave step taken by the educational community to put a human face on the problem and bring it to light, as well as the firm commitment of all to encourage coexistence and become “a school of respect”.