More than a School

NACE Schools Group is a recognised leader in international education with a presence in 4 countries. While Educational Excellence is a core part of our philosophy, we are more than just a classroom to our students: we understand that the focus of a truly successful international school should not be just academic achievement. It is equally important that children take part in a programme of co-curricular activities that allows them to develop multiple intelligences and discover their own strengths and motivations. For this reason, we incorporate a variety of mandatory co-curricular activities into the curriculum; pupils receive a solid sporting and musical education which highlights their achievements.


At a NACE private school, music is integrated into our way of life. To help pupils develop their skills, all NACE private school music teachers are highly qualified, passionate about their subject and dedicated to our students’ achievements. In addition, many of our centres are affiliated with internationally-recognised music centres in their respective cities, to promote high achievement and the development of musical talent.


At each NACE private school, sports are a key part of the curriculum. As well as aligning with our belief in a healthy, active lifestyle, participation in sporting activities promotes the global core values which make NACE Schools unique. We focus on the promotion of self-discipline, exertion and self-improvement while the chance to form part of a team increases students’ sense of responsibility and encourages an important sense of belonging to the community. Through active participation, students are given the tools they need to succeed at the next stage of their academic or professional life.


At a NACE private school, the arts form an integral part in the students’ educational journey with us. Our schools offer a wealth of different artistic activities that enrich our student’s academic and personal lives and encourage them to develop skills often neglected by a traditional curriculum. For example, our students can take part in drama groups which promote self-confidence and creativity.

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Outstanding musical education

At NACE Schools, we are proud of the outstanding musical education provided alongside classroom teaching. Students have the opportunity to learn to read music and play at least one musical instrument as well as perform in concerts, choirs and orchestras. NACE Schools offer the best music programmes in the region and count on unique partnerships with prestigious musical institutions. For example, Agora International School enjoys a privileged link with the Conservatorio del Liceo de Barcelona as well as the Escolanía de Montserrat, one of the oldest music schools in Europe. Music is an excellent way for children to develop their creative talents, but the benefits of musical training go far beyond this: learning music in early childhood enhances the abstract reasoning skills which are necessary for learning other traditional subjects such as maths and science (Shaw, Rauscher, Levine, Wright, Dennis and Newcomb, February 1997).

Forming part of a sports team

At NACE, students are encouraged to take part in a variety of co-curricular activities in sport alongside their classroom education. For example: football, volleyball, basketball, swimming, cricket, rugby, netball, golf, sailing and horseriding. For more information about the co-curricular activities offered at your school of choice, see the specific school pages. Sporting activity helps children develop values such as self-improvement, determination and perseverance and recognise the value of team spirit and cooperation that comes from forming part of a team. Additionally, the NACE Schools global family provides the opportunity for students to participate in the NACE Olympics, bringing together students of different languages, cultures and nationalities in high-spirited, friendly competition.

We are more than just a classroom

The third type of co-curricular activities offered at NACE Schools provide children with an education in the creative arts. They have the opportunity to participate in activities such as art classes, drama and dance. Our schools offer some of the best auditoriums and studios while NACE Schools in India teach both traditional Indian and Western dances as part of the curriculum, and our Madrid School enjoys a unique partnership with the Victor Ullate Roche Dance School, which manages the onsite dance school there. As well as teaching children skills such as self-discipline and creativity and allowing them an outlet outside the classroom for self-expression, dance provides children with not only physical but social, emotional and cognitive benefits.

The incorporation of these co-curricular activities plays an invaluable part in the personal and academic development of our students. Through taking part, our students learn to appreciate their own talents, strengths and motivations, becoming confident students who will thrive at the next stage of their academic or professional lives. At NACE, we are more than just a classroom.