Educational Excellence

In NACE, all the schools within our Group adhere to the three educational pillars which make our schools unique: Educational excellence, Co-curricular depth and excellence and Global Readiness, including Linguistic immersion. These pillars, when supported by our core values, underpin our educational project.

When we talk about educational excellence at NACE, we are referring to our dedication to providing the academic knowledge, skills and understanding that students need in order to fulfil their maximum potential. A NACE Schools education, highly personalised and exploiting pupils’ multiple intelligences and different ways of learning, helps everyone achieve success, both academically and personally.

global-communityValues of NACE Schools

While the geographical location of our schools differs, they are united by the values which shape the NACE School Educational Project. We unite countries and continents into one global family which provides for much more than the academic success of our students. We are dedicated to an education in values: every part of our teaching and learning is designed to help the students develop both academically and personally. At a NACE private school, the values that we encourage are critical and creative thinking, self-improvement, social commitment, respect and tolerance and responsibility.

Learning Methodology

The NACE Schools Group is a recognised leader in international education, in which every centre operates with the same core focuses to ensure the success of all our pupils. At every private school, our learning methodology guarantees that students develop a breadth of academic and world knowledge, benefit from structured support and the expertise of our highly-qualified teaching staff, and are offered a wide range of cultural experiences.

NACE Schools’ Curricula

At a NACE private school, the local and international curricula offer our students the very best academic opportunities. Our schools in Spain, France, UK and India follow the relevant national curriculum, fully or partially, with the incorporation of a powerful international component. This is shown in our dedication to teaching through English, learning other languages, foreign and cross-cultural exchanges and international projects. At each private school, the local and international curricula provide our pupils with a multiple perspective on society.

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Fulfil their maximum potential

The first priority for educational excellence is outstanding teaching. Our highly-qualified staff are drawn to and stay with NACE for the professional and personal opportunities we provide. They are dedicated to our schools and act as facilitators in children’s learning, fully engaged with their progress at every step in their education. Our teachers do not only teach subject knowledge; they encourage and motivate students to be curious about their own learning, to be independent and creative and to reflect on what and how they learn.

Personalised learning experience

In addition to our outstanding teaching staff, we provide a personalised learning experience which helps all of our students achieve educational excellence. Our class sizes are designed to offer optimal student-teacher ratios for individual support when it is needed, as well as collaborative learning within classes. We pride ourselves on an exceptional learning support department as well as tailored interventions for students who may require some extra help. Our formative assessment system is rigorous and we provide regular feedback to each pupil. This commitment is also reflected in our individualised programmes adapted to the specific needs of our students: gifted and talented, international sports players, professional artists, or those who may experience difficulties in learning.

Finally, a key part of our formula for educational excellence is that our innovative methodology and outstanding teaching is supported by the latest technology to create a system of blended learning. Students have access to cutting-edge technology in all aspects of their curriculum. This provides them with different learning experiences and a new way to explore and use media, find, analyse and understand information as well as prepare texts and graphs, process data and carry out design projects.