The NACE Schools Group is a recognised leader in international education, in which every centre operates with the same core focuses to ensure the success of all our pupils. At every private school, our learning methodology guarantees that students develop a breadth of academic and world knowledge, benefit from structured support and the expertise of our highly-qualified teaching staff, and are offered a wide range of cultural experiences.

At each NACE private school, our learning methodology is innovative. Our highly qualified and skilful staff act as guides and facilitators in the children’s learning. Pupils at NACE Schools are encouraged to learn independently, to work collaboratively, to think rigorously and creatively, and develop an inquisitive nature about the world around them. We strongly emphasise the acquisition of key skills, for example in communication, thinking, and teamwork, and the application of what is learnt to real or realistic situations.

The value of technology

As well as the world-class teachers at each private school, our learning methodology is supported by the latest technologies. We incorporate ICT into all aspects of the curriculum, promoting active learning and ensuring that students understand the value of technology for storing, finding, analysing and presenting information, opinions or ideas.

Our study programmes support and measure students’ academic success at every stage, ensuring that they are reaching their full potential. In NACE, we understand that children are  individuals who learn at their own pace and in their own way, and this is why, at a NACE private school, our learning methodology incorporates excellent learning support systems, specific interventions for those who may show signs of struggling,  and optimal teacher-to-student ratios to ensure personalised support and attention. Every NACE school counts on the support of a dedicated and highly- skilled learning support team, who work in close collaboration with all the staff and families. In addition, our gifted and talented programmes cater for our students’ multiple intelligences and specific gifts and talents and help them to succeed.

International environment

We believe that an international environment is a key part of truly global learning in a private school. Our learning methodology is supported by the unique cross-cultural learning opportunities and experiences available to students at our schools. This enables students to develop not only their language skills, which is a key part of our commitment  to them, but also their understanding of, and respect for different cultures and the ability to adapt to working with people in different environments.

Finally, an outstanding feature of the NACE private school learning methodology is the integration of the traditionally “optional” subjects of sports, music and the arts into the curriculum. We believe it vital that students have a fully-rounded education which offers them the chance to use their different intelligences, to express themselves in different ways and to develop fully both personally and academically.