While the geographical location of our schools differs, they are united by the values which shape the NACE School educational Project. We unite countries and continents into one global family which provides for much more than the academic success of our students. We are dedicated to an education in values: every part of our teaching and learning is designed to help the students develop both academically and personally. At a NACE private school, the values that we encourage are critical and creative thinking, self-improvement, social commitment, respect and tolerance and finally, responsibility.

Critical and creative thinking

At each NACE private school, our values mean helping students to think critically and creatively not only about their academic studies but about the world around them. To do this, we incorporate the latest technology into all aspects of the curriculum to give students a new way of finding, analysing and displaying information and teach them the role that technology plays in our increasingly globalised world. In addition, our rigorous programme of co-curricular activities in sports, music and the arts ensure that students have an alternative outlet of self-expression and a way to view the world from a creative point of view as well as the chance to develop skills outside the traditional academic realm.


At each NACE private school, our values mean a focus on self-improvement: encouraging students to be the best that they can be. To ensure our students’ success, we offer a programme of specific help and support for those who need it and class sizes based on optimum teacher-student ratios which ensure more personalised attention. In addition, our tailor-made programmes allow students who show outstanding achievement to grow academically and develop their skills. Our incredible teaching staff are facilitators in students’ learning and are dedicated to transmitting our values to pupils.

Social Commitment

A student at a NACE private school values the role that they play not just in the school community but in the wider world. Our focus on helping students to develop a sense of social commitment is supported by the wide range of opportunities offered at school to participate in teams, arts shows and community work projects. This enables students to improve their team-working skills, understand the importance of helping others and value their role in a team situation.

Respect and Tolerance

Linked to importance of social commitment comes respect and tolerance, which in a truly international private school are values created by working with people and developing true respect for other people’s opinions and ideas. Cross-cultural events and language trips at a NACE school offer the chance to experience and understand other cultures and work with a variety of different people in different situations.


Finally, we encourage pupils to develop a sense of responsibility towards not only themselves but to others, understanding the effect that their behaviour can have.

Through our dedication to an education in values, we know that NACE students leave their private school with values that will help them to shape their success in the rest of their academic and professional lives.