Global Readiness at NACE Schools

NACE Schools is a renowned education group and world leader in international education: a global family comprised of 21 institutions across four countries – Spain, France, UK and India. As a truly international schools group, we are dedicated to providing a global education, understanding of international issues and preparation for a career in our globalised world. This is what we refer to as Global Readiness. Via learning opportunities abroad, cross-cultural events and the expertise of our internationally-minded teachers, we are dedicated to preparing our pupils to succeed.

International Baccalaureate

NACE Schools is proud of its commitment to creating a truly international atmosphere. While our schools span 4 countries and encompass a variety of different languages, together they form one global family. Unlike many private schools, which teach in a foreign language, we offer our students full international immersion. A key part of the focus which underpins our philosophy is our dedication to Global Readiness – preparing students via language immersion and international and cross-cultural opportunities for a career in our increasingly globalized world.

Language immersion

NACE Schools is a world-renowned educational group, dedicated to providing the international education that we view as vital in our increasingly globalised world. Our teaching aims to provide students with the tools they need to succeed after their educational journey is over. Language immersion forms a key part of our methodology and supports our dedication to Global Readiness.

International Learning Opportunities

Though the geographical location of NACE schools may differ, they unite as one to form the global family of which we are proud. As an international schooling group, our focus on Global Readiness is what sets us apart: we prepare students at each NACE private school with international learning opportunities, cross-cultural events, the international baccalaureate and full language immersion so that they are ready to embark on a successful international career.

Cross cultural Events

All NACE schools operate with a firm focus on the values which underpin our educational philoshopy. One of these is our dedication to Global Readiness and preparing our students for a successful international career. Consequently, unique global opportunities offered by each private school are cross cultural events, language immersion, global vocation and the international baccalaureate. Our dedication to a truly international environment incorporates students’ gaining mastery of English plus another foreign language, while most of our schools are in fact trilingual.


At NACE Schools, we are dedicated to both plurilingualism and cultural understanding. In addition to English as a compulsory language, students at our schools are offered a wide choice of languages: French, Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Japanese, and as part of their studies with us, we guarantee that pupils will gain mastery of English as well as solid knowledge of another language.

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Experience a different culture

While many schools offer the chance to study abroad, this is normally an afterthought or an optional “extra”. At NACE Schools however, our dedication to Global Readiness means that pupils have the opportunity to spend time studying in a different country as part of the curriculum. Thanks to these experiences, students stay abroad for short or extended periods of time while they study at one of our partner schools or experience the environment of a foreign city. Learning about different cultures enables students to develop a sense of respect and tolerance for others as well as social commitment to the NACE and wider community. Students learn to work in a variety of situations; vital criteria for a career in an international environment.

As part of our dedication to Global Readiness, we offer various face-to-face and virtual intercultural events over the course of the academic year. These include the NACE Olympics, International Music Week, the Global Issues Competition and the NACE Model United Nations, which bring together students of over 50 nationalities and give them chance to work and collaborate together on various projects. As well as increasing team spirit and collaboration, students develop a sense of self-improvement through the healthy competition promoted at each event.

Internationally-minded teachers

Our internationally-minded teachers contribute to our commitment to Global Readiness are. At NACE, our language teachers are native or bilingual speakers who have spent extended periods of time abroad and are therefore able to pass on to students their knowledge of different countries and cultures. Our teachers also supervise our international learning foreign stays to provide a seamless experience for our students.

Here at NACE, we know that Global Readiness is vital for success in an international career. Students gain experience of working with people of different cultures in different environments and in styles which may be unfamiliar to them. In addition, they are guaranteed to gain the advanced language skills which facilitate interaction and help them to develop a new way of viewing the world around them.