Certificates at NACE Schools

At NACE Schools, we are dedicated to plurilingualism and cultural understanding. In addition to English as a compulsory language, students at our schools are offered a wide choice of languages: French, Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Japanese. As part of their studies with us, we guarantee that pupils will gain mastery of English as well as solid knowledge of another language. While speaking and understanding the language is undoubtedly the most important part of language learning at a NACE private school, language certificates are important for students as a way to certify their level, increase their self-confidence and improve future professional opportunities.

Our English Language Certificates

The role of English as a first foreign language occupies a central role in our curriculum. Students have the chance to develop their language skills through cultural and language exchanges as well as classes taught exclusively in English by our highly-qualified native teachers. They learn the grammar, syntax and colloquialisms which are vital for reaching full fluency. English will become a language of communication alongside their mother tongue.

We offer English language certificates from prestigious language institutions who provide exams for children, teens and adults. From Cambridge English, students can sit:

From Trinity College London, students can sit 12 levels of exams to certify their level.

High levels of success

Language certificate exams are also available for students to accredit their levels of other languages as well as English: our schools are recognised examination centres for Instituto Cervantes, Hanban and Goethe Institut. Our schools have achieved high levels of success in language certificate exams: Agora Portals has achieved 100% pass rate in all English exams, while primary school students have entered and performed excellently in the YCT (Youth Chinese Test).

When it comes to languages at a NACE private school, language certificates are an excellent way for students to showcase the advanced language skills they have gained throughout their time with us.