Cross cultural events in NACE Schools

All NACE schools operate with a firm focus on the values which underpin our educational philoshopy. One of these is our dedication to Global Readiness: preparing our students for a successful international career. The unique global opportunities offered by each private school are cross cultural events, language immersion, global vocation and the International Baccalaureate. Our dedication to a truly international, global environment incorporates students’ gaining mastery of English plus another foreign language, while most of our schools are in fact trilingual.

All schools come together as one

At a NACE private school, cross cultural events are offered to students at all levels. They provide students with the chance to hone their formal and colloquial language skills via interaction with students from different countries and participation in challenging events, and the opportunity to experience different cultures and communicate with people of different views and ideas. This fosters a sense of respect and tolerance towards others which is a key value of NACE Schools.

Cross cultural events offered within the NACE Group over the course of the school year are an opportunity for the schools, and students of over 50 nationalities and cultures, to come together as one.

Examples of the unique NACE private school cross cultural events include the NACE Olympics, in which our schools meet for a sports competition; International Music Week, a chance for students to spend some days together and end the week with a concert; Global Issues Competition; and the NACE Model United Nations, much like the IMUN though specifically for NACE students.

Other international events

Pupils from our school also routinely take part in international events outside of the schooling group. A great example comes from the participation of the Sant Cugat private school in cross-cultural events such as the GYLC, or Global Young Leaders Conference, whereby a group of six students from the school attend the event in Washington and New York during the summer. This conference introduces students to world leadership and gives them the chance to act as diplomats of a country, dealing with topics of general interest. Another key example comes from the participation of eight IB students from Agora Sant Cugat private school in cross-cultural events such as the IMUN Conference (Iberian Model United Nations).

With our determined dedication to an education in values at every NACE private school, cross cultural events are a key feature which allow students to develop both personally and academically. They develop values such as creative and independent thought in the face of new challenges, a determination to succeed and a desire for continual self-improvement, as well as a sense of team spirit and social responsibility as they learn more about the role in the school, national and international community. Taking full advantage of the international opportunities afforded to them, our pupils will grow and develop both as students and international citizens.