International Learning Opportunities at NACE Schools

Though the geographical locations of NACE schools differ, they unite as one to form the global family of which we are proud. As an international schooling group, our focus on Global Readiness is what sets us apart: we prepare students at each NACE private school with international learning opportunities, cross-cultural events, the International Baccalaureate and full language immersion so that they are ready to embark on a successful international career.

Experiences abroad as part of the curriculum

In a NACE private school, international learning opportunities are a key part in helping our students to advance their language skills and gain full control over the grammatical, formal, colloquial and spoken elements of the language in question. Over the course of their educational journey with us, pupils will gain mastery of English, an increasingly necessary skill in today’s globalised world, as well as sound knowledge of another foreign language. In fact, many of our schools are actually trilingual.

In comparison to their “optional extra” status at many a private school, international learning opportunities form an integral part of the curriculum here at NACE. These experiences may be long or short-term stays in a country, which will give students full immersion in the target language and a keen understanding of the country’s culture: the type of knowledge that could never be truly acquired in a classroom situation. Excellent organisation together with the supervision and support of assigned tutors ensures that the students’ experience will be one that they will remember fondly for the rest of their lives.

Different learning opportunities, same global goal

At each private school, international learning opportunities offered differ slightly. At Sant Cugat School, for example, students can participate in the Isstavanger Student Exchange Programme, which gives them the chance to stay in Norway and attend the International School of Stavanger, one of the best international schools in Europe. Meanwhile, Agora Portals International School support their successful language programmes with annual exchanges with schools in Berlin and Paris, as well as offering students the opportunity to complete a trimester (term or half term) in the most prestigious schools in the UK. At Stonar private school, international learning opportunities include language immersion trips to Spain on which students practise their language skills and visit the cultural highlights of the city, and in turn, Stonar plays host to students from our school in Castellón. These experiences play an important part in building our NACE community.

At each NACE private school, international learning opportunities also support our focus on an education in values. Our internationally-minded staff, much like our students, are dedicated to promoting a global atmosphere of respect and tolerance for others, a keen sense of community spirit and social commitment to the school and wider community. Thanks to our international opportunities, which encourage a dedication to continual self-improvement and the development of creative, analytical and independent thought, NACE students are set firmly on the path towards an international career.