Language immersion

NACE Schools is a world-renowned educational group, dedicated to providing the international education that we view as vital in our increasingly globalised world. Our teaching aims to provide students with the tools they need to succeed after their educational journey is over. Language immersion forms a key part of our methodology and supports our dedication to Global Readiness.

Unlike many schools, who may offer the chance to study subjects in a different language, NACE Schools has taken this one step further: we are a truly international school. Through the education we provide, children will gain mastery of English as well as a sound knowledge of another foreign language. In our schools, this will ultimately lead to the children leaving with advanced levels of three or even four languages.

Immersion is key

To fully learn a language, immersion is key. For example, pupils in Spain and France have the majority of their classes taught in English, offering them the chance to interact with our highly-qualified teachers who are also native speakers.

Via full language immersion, imitating the way that babies learn their first language, children acquire a rich vocabulary as well as the correct grammar and syntax. The benefits of language learning at such a young age are many and varied: multiple studies have shown that learning a second language in childhood leads to higher ultimate attainment in the language, the development of native-like fluency, and that the neurological processes involved in this learning actually work differently in children and adults (Gordon, 2007). For children who have the opportunity to learn multiple languages, the benefits of bilingualism go far beyond the ability to communicate with people from around the world. Studies have shown that life-long bilingualism may be able to slow down the cognitive decline that comes with ageing, while bilingual children show higher levels of communicative sensitivity (Baker, 2011).

As well as English, we offer a wide range of other foreign languages such as French and German, which are introduced at secondary level, while our Primary schools incorporate Mandarin Chinese into their curriculum. Our schools are also recognised examination centres for organizations such as Cambridge, Trinity College, Instituto Cervantes, Hanban and the Goethe Institut, which gives pupils the chance to accredit the high levels they have achieved.

A truly international experience

However, in addition to language immersion, we believe that cultural immersion is at the heart of a truly international experience. For this reason, our curriculum provides the opportunity for students to spend time abroad within our cultural learning initiatives: we offer both long and short stay programmes supervised by dedicated and experienced tutors. For students learning a language, immersion in the culture of this language is truly the best way to gain confidence, fluency and understanding.

NACE Schools span 4 countries but join together to form one global family. Students are afforded the chance to participate in intercultural events within the NACE group and to meet and work collaboratively with students of over 50 nationalities and cultures. Our face-to-face and virtual activities include the NACE Olympics, International Music Week, Global Issues Competition and the NACE Model United Nations. Through these intense and rewarding cultural experiences and language immersion, students at NACE schools are given an international education which allows them to they thrive both as individuals and as part of the NACE and wider community.