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What makes us different?

Marie-Hortense Zeller

“Our students benefit from a prestigious and international environment. The curriculum taught at the EIB Monceau complies with the requirements of the official program of the French Ministry of Education, while being supplemented by an exclusive instruction program in English (from the age of 3). At EIB Monceau, all of our language teachers are native speakers. In addition, EIB Monceau offers a wide array of activities and extracurricular courses in English. Our students can start Spanish classes at the age of 8, in CM1 (Grade 4). This early and specific teaching enables them to get ahead in learning languages during secondary school.”

Marie-Hortense ZellerHead of School at EIB Monceau School

Why choose Monceau?

  • A multicultural and plurilingual environment with more than 40 nationalities
  • Three school buildings around the Parc Monceau
  • Cambridge Young Learners’ Test (100% success rate)
  • Interactive digital whiteboard in every classroom
  • Extracurricular activities in English

Let them tell you about it…

Mrs L.

EIB is a truly French school without borders, where all students meet in a truly multi-cultural and enriching setting. It is a genuine bilingual school where English is present as of nursery school.

I am delighted that my children evolve in such an international environment where every day they interact with children from around the world.

As a result, they are sensitive to and effected by the cultures of others. Through cultures and cooking, my children already have knowledge of many different countries without having visited them.

Indeed, EIB is a melting-pot of children inoculated against the fear of others, strengthened by their differences, where students resemble each other despite each one’s individual path.

I am very touched by the open dialogue with EIB teachers who are always available to listen to parents with the aim of helping children progress.

Finally, I am delighted when I hear my children say: I WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL…”

Mrs L.Parent at EIB Monceau School

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