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Our philosophy at TIPS international private school in Salem is very much child-centred. We actively promote creative thought and learning and aim to provide students with positive atmosphere that they need to thrive. Our schools are non-sectarian & co-educational.


A Key part of the NACE philosophy is our dedication to the importance of plurilingualism and global, education opportunities. We see an international education as a necessity. In line with this, we teach an international curriculum throughout the three phases of the educational journey that students develop with us here at TIPS international private school Salem. These three phases are the three levels of the Nursery school which form our Early Years programme. We call them Prekindergarten, Lower Kindergarten and Upper Kindergarten. Throughout this stage of their education, it is important that children feel safe and comfortable in their environment, in which they can interact with both their peers and our highly-qualified, caring staff members.

At TIPS Schools, our focus is on learning, not teaching. To this end, students at our international private school in Salem are provided with a wealth of different activities and experiences which are designed to foster creative, independent thought and give them chance to explore and develop at their own pace.

Our methodology

Our methodology is a unique mix of Montessori and inquiry, in which the importance of different learning styles plays a core role of our methodology: we adapt our teaching to the children to allow for different paces and styles of learning. Additionally, we support cross-curricular teaching to provide children with the freedom to make their own connections between the different areas of the curriculum. In this way, children at our international private school in Salem are able to make decisions and develop their own character.

Whilst academic progression is undoubtedly a key part of the experience at every NACE Schools, it is important even at this young age to provide children with co-curricular activities that to awaken their interest in learning and allow them to develop different skills and interests. Our international private school in Salem makes sure to offer its students the opportunities they need to develop personal skills. For example, our Early Years programme promotes the creation and appreciation of art as well as providing musical education as an outlet for self expression.

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TIPS Salem

No 2, Mangayarkarasi Street,
Off Advitha Ashram Road,
Fairlands, Salem 636016.
Phone: +91 928 258 8888 / 928 259 9999

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