TIPS Tirupur

TIPS Tirupur is an international private school in Tirupur, part of the NACE Schools group. Our school philosophy is very much child-centred and we actively promote independent, creative thought and learning, providing students with the blend of academic excellence and extracurricular activities that they need to thrive in our positive atmosphere. Our schools are non-sectarian & co-educational.

International atmosphere

Unlike many traditional schools, at our international private school in Tirupur, the focus is on learning, not teaching. Our highly-qualified, international teachers are focused on helping our students to reach their full potential and creating a student-focused environment at every stage of their educational life: early years, primary, middle and secondary. In our increasingly globalised world, NACE Schools see an international education as a necessity. A core focus of our educational project is the importance of language immersion and global readiness; we are dedicated to creating an international atmosphere at our schools which sets students on the path towards a fuly global education and career. In line with this, our international private school in Tirupur is acredited to teach the popular international qualification IGCSE, recognised by schools and leading universities worldwide.

All the schools in the NACE group pride themselves on providing superb facilities adapted to the specific needs of students who attend an international private school. Tirupur Main caters for students from grades 1 – 10 with state-of-the-art sporting facilities used for a variety of activities as well as our dining room where pupils enjoy the meals specially prepared for them. The second part of the school is Tirupur KG, a day school in the city centre attended by students from ages 2.5 to 4.5 enrolled in our early years programme. Both parts of the international private school in Tirupur are equipped to provide door-to-door transport for our students, lending a helping hand to busy families.

Leading technology

Our high standards of teaching are complemented in every NACE School by the incorporation of leading technology, but while educational excellence and providing high-quality education is our priority, our focus is not merely academic. Students who attend our international private school in Tirupur are able to take part in a variety of co-curricular activities which enrich both their academic and personal lives. Pupils will cultivate an appreciation of art through access to a wealth of artistic activities designed to develop their creative skills, while they will develop their skills in both reading and playing music as a result of the teaching incorporated into the curriculum. There are also a variety of sporting activities on offer, encouraging healthy living, teamwork and continual self-improvement.

At NACE Schools, we place great importance on education in values and our teaching helps students develop independent, creative thought as well as responsibility and respect and tolerance for others. We believe that social commitement and a sense of school community is a core feature of an international private school. At Tirupur, students are encouraged to become active members of this community by taking part in community service projects, real world experiences, field trips, leadership camps and team sporting activities. Here at TIPS Tirupur we are dedicated to providing a well-rounded education which will enable students to thrive both throughout their education and once their academic journey has come to an end.

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