NACE Global Community

The NACE education group has expanded over the years to reach the current inclusion of some of the highest quality educational institutions. Our schools are located in 4 countries: Spain, France, UK and India and teach students of over 50 nationalities. Despite their differing geographical location, our schools and the NACE global community are united as a global leader in international education by the core values and focuses which underpin our school philosophy.

Highly-qualified teaching staff

A key asset of the NACE global community is our highly-qualified teaching staff: we attract and retain our world class teachers with a dedication to their professional and personal opportunities. Our staff are internationally minded, devoted to the international learning opportunities offered through an education at each NACE centre, and eager to develop their knowledge of different cultures and languages. As such, teacher mobility is encouraged within the group, providing our staff with the chance to spend time teaching abroad and our students the invaluable opportunity to learn from them. At NACE, the global community is ever growing and expanding.

Build relationships

On a number of occasions throughout the school year, our NACE global community is brought together at different events. These events offer our students the chance to collaborate in teams of students from their own and other schools, meet new people and build relationships with students of other languages and cultures and develop a keen sense of understanding about their role within the NACE global community as well as the wider world. Some of our most successful events include the NACE Olympics which promotes team spirit and healthy, high-spirited competition; International Music Weeks, giving students an outlet for their creativity and the opportunity to showcase their talents; as well as the Global Issues Competition and the NACE Model United Nations, which enable pupils to practice their debating skills, increase their self-confidence and develop their knowledge of a wide range of issues.

Here at NACE, we are dedicated to providing the very best for our students and believe that the NACE global community we have built up over the years is invaluable. Students understand their role in their school community and then go on to apply this to connections with schools abroad, a microcosm of current individual national and international societies. Through a keen understanding of these relationships, students are given the basis for success in the international career and later life.