NACE Schools is an educational group made up of 21 schools in 4 different countries, united by a dedication to the provision of educational excellence as well as the values which underpin our school philosophy. The success we have achieved as a group is supported by agreements between ourselves and our partner institutions, designed to improve and enhance every aspect of our teaching and learning methodology.

Our partnerships

One such agreement is our partnership with Columbia University and the University of Southwestern California, which has been a great success. Through this agreement, EIB Paris welcomes researchers and Master’s Graduates from these universities to take part in 6-month or 1-year-long internships, aimed at developing and enriching all aspects of our varied teaching methods.

NACE School is also a member of the Council of International Schools (CIS). This membership community is global non-profit organisation who, via agreements with schools and higher education institutions, offer guidance and support about international education, and facilitate student connections with world-leading universities.

A third example is the ELSA Network. This project is designed by educational psychologists to help schools make the most of their own resources to support the emotional needs of their students. The initiative applies knowledge of children’s social and emotional development to particular cases, in the recognition that children are more able to learn successfully when their emotional needs are met. Thanks to the support of the ELSA project, our schools have enjoyed many cases of both academic and social progress.

Here at NACE, we recognise that children are individuals who learn best when they are offered specific opportunities tailored to their needs. Through agreements with partner institutions, we offer our students the very best support in all aspects of their learning experience, ensuring their academic and personal development.