Agora Sant Cugat International School welcomes the new school year

We want to welcome the 2016/2017 academic year! Agora Sant International School opens this school year with lots of energy and our batteries fully charged. The headmaster of the school, Vicenç Gandol, tells us about what’s new for this new phase which will enable both the school and all of you to achieve objectives while we grow and advance together.

The headmaster offers a very positive assessment of the 2015/2016 school year. During the last school year all targets were met, providing value to the pupils and to the school community:

“In the last school year our 71 Baccalaureate pupils obtained excellent results in the Selectividad university entrance exams and in the International Baccalaureate, with a 100% pass rate. In addition, it was the first year in which the 4th ESO pupils sat the PISA tests in the areas of Spanish Language, Maths, and Science. The results were brilliant, with average scores in all areas which were higher than those of countries such as Finland, Japan, England or the United States.”

The headmaster also speaks of the pupils being students who are linguistically skilled, and great people: “On a linguistic level, over 405 pupils satisfactorily overcame the external tests in the different languages taught at the school: English (TRINITY and CAMBRIDGE), French (DELF), German (GOETHE INST.), and Chinese (CONFUCIO). But as well as the good academic results achieved by our pupils, the students participated in different local, national and international charity events which strengthen our spirit of charity, empathy and collaboration, values which are undoubtedly part of the human training which the teaching and non-teaching staff at the school work on every day.”

It is also interesting to summarise some of the most important moments from the last school year:

“Though we take part in many events, if I had to highlight one it would be the organisation of the 4th edition of International Music Festival, in which more than 150 pupils and teachers from the different NACE Schools in Spain, France and England participated. These were enriching days of co-existence for all our students, when music joined everyone together. The collaboration of our host families ensured that the experience was a complete success.”

“What’s certain is that all the NACE events which are held each year in each of the schools (Visual Arts Competition, NACEMUN, Academic Olympics, Sports Olympics and the International Music Festival) offer our pupils a unique opportunity to build relationships and work co-operatively with students of their age from other places. During the 2016/2017 academic year we face the challenge of organising the II Academic Olympics in February.”

The objective of the 2016/2017 school year which we are just beginning is to offer all our pupils all the tools and resources necessary to guarantee their progression in their education as people and as students. That’s why the school invests each year in improving not only the facilities, but above all, those resources which can guarantee excellent pedagogical innovation which offers effective methodologies adapted to the pupils of today.

Of all the most interesting new features for this school year, we highlight the extension of the educational stages, starting with VOCATIONAL TRAINING in the fields of Image and Sound. The school has now finished the work in adapting the necessary spaces, and has the official authorisation needed to teach the qualifications, both at middle and higher level, for Sound Technician, Director, Producer and 3D Animator.

“We begin this new journey with great enthusiasm, aware of the responsibility in higher level studies and the connection with the working world.”

In addition, the school has worked intensively in preparing teachers to provide them with the training necessary for the inclusion of new technologies as a fundamental resource in the new educational methodologies, encouraging greater participation from pupils, co-operative work, and personalisation of learning.

Vicenç Gandol addresses the pupils of Agora Sant Cugat International School with a final message: “To the pupils I just want to say on behalf of all the teaching and non-teaching staff at the school that we await them with enthusiasm to begin a new school year after a long break, and that they should fill up their rucksacks with enthusiasm, effort, perseverance and curiosity for learning, because with all this they will surely achieve great results at the end of the school year. WELCOME BACK TO YOUR SCHOOL!

Vicenç Gandol

Director de Agora Sant Cugat International School


Agora International School Barcelona welcomes the new academic year

After the summer holidays, Agora International School Barcelona welcomes the 2016/2017 academic year with great enthusiasm. The school opens its doors, full of energy, and with changes and new challenges which will make this new school year a great one.

Andrés Rosas, headmaster of the school, welcomes our entire educational community and reveals the targets set for this new academic year and the changes which will be implemented. This approach comes from the successful academic year which has just been completed, from which Andrés Rosas highlights the most important milestones.

There were certainly a great deal of important moments in the 2015/2016 academic year, especially from the perspective of someone who experiences it for the first time at the school but, without doubt, I would highlight the end-of-year festival and the music concert due to the atmosphere and the sense of belonging to the school that was felt among pupils, families and teaching and non-teaching staff. Other very gratifying events were the Baccalaureate pupils’ graduation, for the importance of this moment for them and the emotion with which we all experienced it, and the participation in Work Experience explained from the point of view of the 2nd Baccalaureate pupils”.

We have planned and consolidated the school’s educational project as a NACE School, we have created a good atmosphere of work and coexistence among the entire educational community, and we have improved school-family communication. The consolidation of the project will be a decisive step in the education and development of our students and the future professionals they will become. This will have a positive impact on the people they already are, and on the well-rounded and happy adults they will become. The good working atmosphere has made us take a step forward in the loyalty and consolidation of the teaching team, and consequently, in the quality of the monitoring and personalised attention offered to each of our students. The improvement in the communication with families (year group delegates, weekly circulars, personal family-headmaster meetings, etc.) was important, especially in this year of changes, in order to strengthen the confidence and collaboration of our families.”

In order to continue to advance along the path of educational excellence during the 2016/2017 academic year, Agora International School Barcelona has set some objectives and implemented some changes that headmaster Andrés Rosas details below:

“Our primary objective for this coming academic year is to implement and consolidate the diverse programmes and methods which make up our educational project (emotional intelligence, encouragement of reading, study techniques, critical thinking, debate, public speaking…), as well as to continue with the training and monitoring of our teaching team.”

“For this coming school year, and within the line of work which makes up our project and which I mentioned previously, we intend to implement the traditional British “houses” system at school, thanks to which we will be able to channel many of the school activities and initiatives while creating a system of belonging to the school. We will also set up the Agora International School Barcelona parents’ school, a tool which is at the service of our families so that we can grow together as a community and which will deal with a wide variety of topics of interest in the field of education.”

Finally, the headmaster welcomes the pupils who are beginning the new academic year with a motivating, personal message.

“It is a pleasure to welcome you all to our school for the 2016/2017 academic year. Our objective will be to, together, educate your children to make them citizens of their time, trained and competent professionals and, above all, complete and happy people. And I would like to thank you for your confidence in Agora International School Barcelona and ask you that, together, we achieve a quality, comprehensive education which encompasses all dimensions of human, personal, social and family development”.

Andrés Rosas

Headmaster of Agora International School Barcelona


Agora IS Madrid hosts the first Academic Olympics

Agora International School Madrid was host to the very first Academic Olympics: science and maths Olympics which took place from the 2nd to the 5th of February, with the participation of NACE Schools from Spain, the UK and France. This was an experience which encouraged both the international and collaborative spirit and the educational excellence which are characteristic of all the schools in the group.

Over the course of a few days, 2nd and 3rd ESO pupils from the different schools got fully involved in all the different activities included in these science and maths Olympics: Maths and Natural Sciences, including the subcategories of Biology, Physics and Chemistry. In addition, values such as collaboration and tolerance were an important part of all activities.

Academic Olympics 2016

Throughout these science and maths Olympics, students were divided into groups of a maximum of 14 pupils from different schools: seven from 2nd ESO and seven from 3rd ESO. This was to encourage team spirit between the different age groups and enable them to learn from and assist each other, build relationships and meet fellow pupils with different points of view. At the opening ceremony, held on Tuesday the 2nd of February, the teams gave a brief introduction of their group, showed the logo and slogan which defined them and gave some interesting information about their school.

Academic Olympics 2016

The general concepts worked on in these science and maths Olympics, were:

  • Biology: respiration, circulation, photosynthesis and nutrition.
  • Physics and Chemistry: velocity, the solar system and density.
  • Maths: calculus, equations, geometry and statistics.

 Academic Olympics 2016

This NACE Schools science and maths Olympics event was a great experience for our pupils. It was a week during which they learnt new ways of thinking, met pupils from other cultures and countries, learnt to live together, and discovered the city of Madrid. A truly rewarding way to have fun while learning.

Academic Olympics 2016

What do former pupils of Agora Lledó IS think?

Educating people who are prepared to achieve their dreams, and who have a capacity for personal and academic self-improvement, within the context of an education based on values”. This is the educational philosophy at Agora Lledó International School. The School is aware that results come from the efforts, integrity and dedication of a great team whose main objective is to educate true citizens of an ever-changing, globalised and highly competitive world, for which pupils of Agora Lledó International School, whatever they decide, will be prepared. This is how some of the school’s former pupils have reflected on their time here.

alejandra omaña

“In my opinion, studying at Lledó has offered me things which, otherwise, I would have taken longer to acquire, or just wouldn’t have achieved. For example, now that I am at university, I really notice the influence of the methodology applied here, so the change has not come as a shock to me and, in fact, it surprises me to see that my classmates struggle with things that here were part of day-to-day life, such as pieces of work with a suitable bibliography, or on a more open topic. Above all, I am glad that the theory I learnt here had more practical applications, and that there was rarely only one correct response, so that I didn’t have to memorise, but learn. This is something which I now find incredibly useful.”

Alejandra Omaña, former pupil of Agora Lledó International School


marcos vidal

“The experience I had at Lledó International School throughout my academic studies has allowed me to develop study strategies and habits which have given me excellent results. Furthermore, having the opportunity to study the International Baccalaureate enabled me to acquire critical thought, which today is vital. The constant work by the teachers at the school boosted the intelligences that we all possess, and allowed us to develop new ones. In my case, it enabled me to set my own goals and to reach the objective that I chose for myself. Right now, I am studying the university degree which I chose. And what’s more important, I believe that the school has educated me to be an ethically responsible and socially active person. Without doubt, I would recommend this school to anyone.”

Marcos Vidal, former pupil of Agora Lledó International School


nacho criado

“I am in my second year of Aerospace Engineering at Ohio State University. The first year was very difficult but I was able to finish it with very good academic results (3 out of 4 average). This University is one of the 40 best in the world rankings and one of the 15 best for the degree I am studying. I am here, among other things, thanks to the International Baccalaureate which I studied at school. The admissions process was very difficult and an international point scale like the IB helped me a lot.”

Nacho Criado, former pupil of Agora Lledó International School


maria caro

“I know that without effort and dedication it is impossible to achieve what we set out to, but if you also find in your teachers people who know how to motivate you and stimulate that capacity, the result is hugely positive, that’s why I want to express my thanks from here for the support and dedication of all my teachers at Lledó School and in particular, to my tutors Ángela and Ester who knew how to motivate me to be able to achieve what I wanted to.”

María Caro, former pupil of Agora Lledó International School