Areteia welcomes the new academic year

We’d like to welcome the 2016/2017 school year! Another year on and Areteia opens its doors again, filling the school with life with the arrival of the new academic year. The headmaster of the school, Luis García Carretero, talks to us about what’s new for this new phase, the objective being to continue to grow and advance.

First of all, the headmaster assesses the 2015/2016 academic year, and defines it as a period full of successes:

“This year saw the consolidation of the educational modality Basic Vocational Training, something fundamental in order to attend to the diversity of our pupils. The first year of pupils graduated in Managing Outdoor Sports and Physical Activities, and the school began with the Sciences Baccalaureate, both of which were experiences met with great approval.”

“Many important moments stand out from the last academic year, such as the celebration of Children’s Day, the Christmas festival with the awarding of prizes and diplomas, Peace Day, Arts and Science Week, the end-of-year festival, the graduations, etc. Also worth mentioning is the school’s participation in the NACE events: International Music Week in Barcelona, NACEMUN in Castellón, the Academic Games in Villaviciosa and the Olympic Games in England.”

“Events such as the 1st Former Pupils Meetup, which brought together more than 100 pupils who have left Areteia during the 25 years that we have been in La Moraleja, together with the 4th Educational Innovation Day and the 1st Parents Meeting, were three moments of great open mindedness of the school, of connecting with new realities and accepting new challenges, like the “Areteia Emprende” conference programme, which included some outstanding speakers who showed their reflection and commitment to the pupils in ESO, Baccalaureate and Vocational Training. Lastly, we highlight the award given by NACE Schools in July to our colleague Rosalía Gómez Manzano, from Administration, in the category of “our values”, for being an example of commitment, efficiency and self-improvement for all the members of the educational community.”

After such a positive year, we expect no less from this new academic year we are welcoming. The fundamental objective is to better attend to and understand each pupil to help them grow.

For many it is a utopia, but we learnt a long time ago that utopia is good for moving forwards”, the headmaster assures us. In this sense, classes are divided into smaller groups in 3rd and 6th Primary to work in a more personalised way at both the midway point and end of this important stage.

In order to make the pupils the protagonists in the classroom, the school is developing the School Project, which will was presented in the Arts and Science Week in April: Mission GAIA, save the earth. This is a project which hopes to make Areteia an Eco school which is committed to protecting nature, our planet, and all the values this includes.

From among the most important new features for the 2016/2017 academic year, we emphasise the gradual introduction of new technologies as a way to improve learning. For example, through the platform Infantium via tablets which will be used in the classroom during the school day, as well as the new tablets model for 1st ESO.

Other new features this year come from the introduction of the LOMCE, enabling us to make the last few school years into phases focused on decisions about the future. The presence of a native teacher, to support the work of the teachers in the English Department and continue with the theme of a 100% pass rate in the Trinity exams last year, stands out.

There have also been some changes to our facilities. We believe that a school which is attractive and looked after is the first step in educating pupils to respect the environment and others. The Infant Zone has been refurbished with two grass areas, the pupils’ bathrooms have been improved, and we have planned the improvement of the pupils’ sports and leisure areas.

The new offer of the Excellent Workshops has been well thought out and planned based on the suggestions from families and pupils, and we have opted to expand our services in extracurricular activities, particularly in the field of psychopedagogy. In the second and third terms we will also offer certified training in the field of leisure and free time, which we will open up to schools in the area.

In short, the message is clear. Just as Luis García tells us: “Areteia is an opportunity for improvement, for growth, for evolution, for opportunities. Count on us: teachers, non-teaching staff, co-ordinators, heads of studies, management. We are at your disposal, we’re here for you, to make you better, freer, more responsible, fairer, more supportive, more competent. We are so glad that you’ll be forming part of the Areteia family. A new school year is a challenge, an occasion we cannot let escape, to be happier and to make others happier.”

Luis García Carretero

Headmaster of Areteia School


Agora International School Barcelona welcomes the new academic year

After the summer holidays, Agora International School Barcelona welcomes the 2016/2017 academic year with great enthusiasm. The school opens its doors, full of energy, and with changes and new challenges which will make this new school year a great one.

Andrés Rosas, headmaster of the school, welcomes our entire educational community and reveals the targets set for this new academic year and the changes which will be implemented. This approach comes from the successful academic year which has just been completed, from which Andrés Rosas highlights the most important milestones.

There were certainly a great deal of important moments in the 2015/2016 academic year, especially from the perspective of someone who experiences it for the first time at the school but, without doubt, I would highlight the end-of-year festival and the music concert due to the atmosphere and the sense of belonging to the school that was felt among pupils, families and teaching and non-teaching staff. Other very gratifying events were the Baccalaureate pupils’ graduation, for the importance of this moment for them and the emotion with which we all experienced it, and the participation in Work Experience explained from the point of view of the 2nd Baccalaureate pupils”.

We have planned and consolidated the school’s educational project as a NACE School, we have created a good atmosphere of work and coexistence among the entire educational community, and we have improved school-family communication. The consolidation of the project will be a decisive step in the education and development of our students and the future professionals they will become. This will have a positive impact on the people they already are, and on the well-rounded and happy adults they will become. The good working atmosphere has made us take a step forward in the loyalty and consolidation of the teaching team, and consequently, in the quality of the monitoring and personalised attention offered to each of our students. The improvement in the communication with families (year group delegates, weekly circulars, personal family-headmaster meetings, etc.) was important, especially in this year of changes, in order to strengthen the confidence and collaboration of our families.”

In order to continue to advance along the path of educational excellence during the 2016/2017 academic year, Agora International School Barcelona has set some objectives and implemented some changes that headmaster Andrés Rosas details below:

“Our primary objective for this coming academic year is to implement and consolidate the diverse programmes and methods which make up our educational project (emotional intelligence, encouragement of reading, study techniques, critical thinking, debate, public speaking…), as well as to continue with the training and monitoring of our teaching team.”

“For this coming school year, and within the line of work which makes up our project and which I mentioned previously, we intend to implement the traditional British “houses” system at school, thanks to which we will be able to channel many of the school activities and initiatives while creating a system of belonging to the school. We will also set up the Agora International School Barcelona parents’ school, a tool which is at the service of our families so that we can grow together as a community and which will deal with a wide variety of topics of interest in the field of education.”

Finally, the headmaster welcomes the pupils who are beginning the new academic year with a motivating, personal message.

“It is a pleasure to welcome you all to our school for the 2016/2017 academic year. Our objective will be to, together, educate your children to make them citizens of their time, trained and competent professionals and, above all, complete and happy people. And I would like to thank you for your confidence in Agora International School Barcelona and ask you that, together, we achieve a quality, comprehensive education which encompasses all dimensions of human, personal, social and family development”.

Andrés Rosas

Headmaster of Agora International School Barcelona


Agora Sant Cugat IS, best private school in Barcelona

Once again, Agora Sant Cugat International School stands out in El Mundo’s ranking of the 100 best schools in Spain. In 10th place, the school has moved up one position compared to last year’s result. As well as appearing in the Top 10 best schools in Spain, Agora Sant Cugat, part of the NACE Schools group, has this year been ranked as the best private school in Barcelona.

El Mundo highlights the internationalisation of the school’s educational project as one of its strongest features. Some of the other key aspects which have earned it the position of best school in Barcelona, with a score of 93/100, are: the International Baccalaureate; the language project and the increase in the number of hours and subjects taught in English, as well as the fact that pupils begin to study Chinese in P4, and French and German at the age of 11.

The education pupils receive at Agora Sant Cugat International School is distinguished by educational innovation and high academic and social performance, as well as the emphasis placed on personalised attention for each pupil and for every need. The school offers a personalised education and innovative methodology to take into account different learning styles and help every one of their pupils to achieve personal and academic success. Agora Sant Cugat International School has earned its place as the best school in Barcelona thanks, in part, to the highly qualified teaching staff, who guarantee individual support adapted to the specific needs of students. All the staff work closely with families, helping the pupils to thrive and to reach their maximum potential. Educational excellence, global readiness and co-curricular depth and excellence, the three pillars which characterise all schools in the NACE group, have greatly contributed to the school’s unique teaching, and to its position as the best private school in Barcelona.