Students at Agora Portals IS have been accepted at the best universities

Last year Agora Portals International School launched the “Agora Careers Advice and Guidance Programme”. The aim of this programme is to help Baccalaureate students in the decision-making process regarding their future careers, carrying out tests and other procedures required for access to university. The project also includes advice to students in 4th of ESO in the choice of Baccalaureate subject options where a customised curriculum for each student is designed.

The programme has been lead by Julie Waller and Pilar Fortuny. Julie has worked with students who have chosen British universities for their studies helping them to make their “top 5” choices and to complete the UCAS application procedure. Pilar has worked with students who wish to pursue studies in Spanish and US universities, helping them to draw up their “top 3” choices and to prepare for entrance tests required by each university.

According to Julie and Pilar, the success of the programme is due to the opportunity students are given to make informed decisions and to manage this stage maturely, resulting in 100% of students being admitted. Students have shown a high degree of interest and involvement both of which are reflected in the close relationship they have had with both advisors throughout this process. The follow-up carried out during their first weeks as University students has also been invaluable.

The programme has included advice to parents, one of the fundamental keys to its success. It is gratifying for students to be able to include their families in all stages of this process and in turn for parents to have the information and guidance they need to avoid any unnecessary stress that often accompanies key stages in life such as these.

Great effort has been put in to developing personalised action plans, assessing the most appropriate programme of studies for each student based on their individual characteristics. The theory of multiple intelligences has also been taken into account in each case to ensure that students find the universities that are best suited their individual profile. Student finances have been discussed, in particular the costs of living in each city, student grants and loans.
Our students have started their studies in a wide range of universities and training centres. Nationwide they have been admitted to some of the most prestigious universities and in most cases they have been able to choose among various options. Students graduating in 2015 at Ágora Portals are now present in Alfonso X el Sabio, CESAG, ELISAVA, ICADE, Instituto de Empresa, UIB, Universidad de Deusto, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Universidad de Navarra, Universidad La Salle, and Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

Internationally our students have joined renowned universities such as Bournemouth, Edinburgh Napier University, King’s College London (University of London), Plymouth University, Nottingham Trent, Southampton Solent, Southampton University, University of Strathclyde, University of Surrey and University of Westminster.

The programme goes further than university level, including advice to students whose choice was to perform higher level professional training and specific courses of music or a “foundation course” in Palma, Barcelona and the University of Cambridge, respectively.

The most popular degree courses among our students this year were Engineering and Bilingual Business Management.

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International Baccalaureate, a global education

In a global education, it is vital to have a qualification which incorporates and transmits values on an international level. With the International Baccalaureate (IB), this is definitely the case. The majority of our schools, known as IB World Schools, are authorised to teach this qualification. In this way, we promote the international education that our students need and that the current context demands.


What is the IB?
The International Baccalaureate is a programme of study which offers a number of advantages. The curriculum incorporates a variety of good practices, which make pupils aware of the importance of taking care of the environment, and about the international community, and encourage them to develop critical and independent thought.


Furthermore, this qualification lays the foundation for pupils to access the world’s most prestigious universities. In fact, IB students can be confident in their ability to succeed in university studies. This programme offers an academic challenge, with final exams, which incorporates three core units: Theory of Knowledge, Creativity, Activity and Service, and the Extended Essay, as well as optional subjects designed to guarantee their study of language, social sciences and science.


International Baccalaureate students develop a set of unique skills, which are vital for an international degree. They acquire and develop cultural awareness, fluency in a second language, independent thought, rigorous analytical skills, team work and social commitment. All this enables students to communicate effectively with people from different cultures and countries, and fosters a sense of respect and tolerance.


What are the benefits for pupils?

  • They learn to think independently and to take control of their own learning.
  • They participate in education programmes which enable them to study at the best universities worldwide.
  • They develop their cultural sensitivity through learning a second language.
  • They learn to work and get along with other people in an ever-changing, globalised world.


The IB programme aims to teach students to be thoughtful and critical, and develop a proactive attitude towards their studies and a love of learning which will last their whole lives. The pupils show curiosity, they take responsibility as citizens and display an open mentality towards other cultures and opinions.


The most prestigious universities worldwide show a great interest in pupils who obtain the diploma programme thanks to their capacity for work and their levels of effort as well as their values as people.


The International Baccalaureate offers pupils a world as big as they want it to be!