Vocational Training – an excellent qualification

Vocational training qualifications are the perfect route to help young people find their vocation and succeed professionally. However, many people are unaware of the benefits of a vocational education, which is an excellent qualification as an alternative to the Baccalaureate or university studies.

Why choose Vocational Training?

  • Because it’s a more direct route from an academic education to the world of work, always with the option of choosing to attend university.
  • Because it’s an education option which enables personal success: it is based on the pupils’ vocations.
  • Because studies say that school dropout rates decrease as enrolment in Vocational Training increases.
  • Because Vocational Training offers a variety of learning opportunities in all job sectors.


Discover the professional within you at Areteia School
The objective of the educational project of Areteia School, one of the NACE Schools in Madrid, is attention to diversity and personalised education. For this reason, through Intermediate Level Vocational Training Courses Areteia offers pupils an excellent professional qualification to help them enter the world of work or continue with higher level studies. These qualifications provide pupils with personalised attention and teaching which meets the needs of each student. Vocational Training is for pupils who have achieved their School Leaver’s Certificate or the Basic Level Vocational Training Diploma in the corresponding field.

Consistent with its educational project, Areteia School offers every pupil a personal project. Focused on the interests of each student, the school offers smaller class sizes to make the most of every session and follow each pupil’s progress closely. Vocational Training courses facilitate pupils’ later incorporation into the world of work and contribute to their personal growth and development.

Why choose Areteia School?

The Vocational Training courses taught at Areteia School are characterised by the personal attention offered through reduced class sizes and work experience in companies, which brings students closer to the reality of working life. Studying at Areteia School provides pupils with numerous benefits, given that:

  • We offer individualised teaching with particular attention to the needs and characteristics of each pupil. There are a maximum of 18 pupils in each class.
  • We make the maximum effort to ensure that each pupil advances, not only in knowledge and skills but also in their personal development.
  • We promote the practical nature of what pupils learn through tests and exams which are mainly practical.
  • We aim for pupils to be actively involved in their own learning and to be highly motivated, making them aware of the fact that theoretical knowledge is a tool for practical application.

Vocational Training Courses at Areteia School
Areteia School offers a wide variety of Vocational Training Courses to enable pupils to study what most interests them and therefore achieve the best qualification to help them to successfully join the working world.

  • Administration Management:
    Provide administrative support in a work, accounting, commercial, finance and tax environment. Handle customer service of both public and private firms, applying the current regulations and protocols, ensuring client satisfaction and acting according to rules for the prevention of occupational hazards and for environmental protection.
  • Trade:
    Carry out established plans of action for the sale and marketing of products and services, meeting the required conditions of quality, time, place and price. Manage a small business establishment. Manage storage and sales procedures. Drive the point of sale.
  • Micro-computing Systems and Networks:
    Install, configure and maintain isolated or network micro-computing systems, as well as local networks in small environments, ensuring that they function correctly and applying the established quality, security and environmental protocols. Develop projects in small and medium-sized companies with education in technical English.
  • Managing Outdoor Sports and Physical Activities:
    Manage groups on foot, cycling or on horseback, safely, on hikes and routes in low to mid mountain regions (where mountaineering and mountain climbing skills are not required). Carry out the administrative, management and marketing tasks of a small company. Apply the basics of health and first aid. Run physical activities for those with disabilities.

Discover the professional within you thanks to the Vocational Training courses at Areteia School!